Our latest release of intOGen now available online!

//Our latest release of intOGen now available online!

Our latest release of intOGen now available online!

We are very excited to release a new version of IntOGen, our framework to identify cancer genes and pinpoint putative mechanism of tumorigenesis. The IntOGen website displays new browsable content upon the systematic analysis of mutations of thousands of sequenced tumors from patients.

Detection of cancer driver genes with intOGen

A key goal in cancer research is the identification of genes and mutations capable of driving tumorigenesis (i.e., the so-called cancer driver genes). Over the last decade, we and others have contributed a number of driver discovery methods that aim to identify signals of positive selection in mutational data, by correcting their observed mutational patterns for known mutational processes operating in tumoral cells. The application of these methods to cancer genomes has brought about evidence to advance our knowledge of the genetic basis of tumorigenesis. The IntOGen framework feeds on somatic mutations from cohorts of sequenced tumors and combines the output of different driver discovery methods to provide a consensus catalog of driver genes per cohort.

In this release, we have upgraded the driver identification pipeline by including six state-of-the-art driver discovery methods (dNdScv , CBaSE, OncodriveFML, OncodriveCLUSTL, HotMAPS and smRegions) and by implementing a  combinatorial strategy that allocates a credibility weighting to the lists of drivers produced by each of them. The new release also allows the user to query a collection of the mutational features that explain the tumorigenic mechanisms of each driver gene.

The current release comprises a catalogue of 523 driver genes alongside their mutational features, which are fully browsable and downloadable from the IntOGen website. This new catalogue has been obtained by analyzing more than 26,000 tumor samples from 190 cohorts across 61 tumor types. We foresee that the collection of cohorts analyzed will be updated regularly with the ever increasing publicly available data from human tumor samples. 

Our goal is that intOGen pipeline and its results are available as broadly as possible for the benefit of all the community. For this reason we provide data and pipeline under permissive license (see license details)

Link to the website of intOGen

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