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Tackling mental health along the PhD journey

Initiative of the IRB Barcelona Student Council with the participation of Hania Krannas.

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The Mutational Footprints of Cancer Therapies

Talk by Nuria Lopez-Bigas at International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC- WHO). Lyon, France.

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Models of Evolution Workshop

Núria López-Bigas: Understanding mutational processes to understand genome evolution.

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Cancer Genome Interpreter

Short video about our tool Cancer Genome Interpreter

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Meet our Scientists

Núria López-Bigas: “Looking for a needle in a haystack”

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Short video summarizing our research

Video produced by the University Pompeu Fabra about our research. The video is available in three languages: Catalan, Castellano and English

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Scientific-poetic movie

Short fiction movie done together by Nuria Lopez-Bigas and Isabel Casanova

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Animation movie explaining IntOGen (in English)

1 minute animation movie describing our project IntOGen

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Seminar slides

Slides of a seminar given by Nuria Lopez-Bigas on “Identification of cancer drivers across tumor types” (24 October 2013)

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