One of the main goals of cancer research is the identification of the genomic elements that drive tumorigenesis. OncodriveCLUSTL is a new nucleotide sequence-based clustering algorithm to detect cancer drivers in genomic regions. OncodriveCLUSTL is based on a local background model derived from the nucleotide context mutational probabilities of the cohort under study. Our method is able to identify well-known cancer drivers in coding regions. It can be applied to non-coding regions and non-human data. You can check the full results in our publication Arnedo-Pac C, Mularoni L, Muiños F, Gonzalez-Perez A, Lopez-Bigas N. OncodriveCLUSTL: a sequence-based clustering method to identify cancer drivers. Bioinformatics. 2019;35(22):4788–4790. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btz501.

This web resource is intended for a limited use of OncodriveCLUSTL and it does not provide full functionality. You can download and execute the code using its repository:



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