Barcelona Biomed Conference on CANCER PROMOTION

CANCER PROMOTION: understanding cancer promotion to inform prevention

Nuria Lopez-Bigas, jointly with Allan Balmain (UCSF) and Paul Brennan (IARC) is organizing the next Barcelona Biomed Conference that will be held on June 3-5 of 2024 in Barcelona. This is a good opportunity to bring together an impressive and outstanding group of scientists to share and discuss their knowledge and projects in relation to Cancer Promotion. 

The conference aims at boost the knowledge to understanding cancer promotion at the level of non-mutagenic factors. While it is clear that mutations in DNA, either spontaneous or environmentally induced, are essential for cancer development, recent advances have highlighted the importance of non-mutagenic factors as rate-limiting determinants of  cancer risk in human populations and in mouse cancer models. 

• Epidemiology, risk factors and cancer prevention
• Molecular mechanisms of cancer promotion
• Clonal expansions in normal tissues
• Modeling cancer promotion and prevention in organoids and model systems

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