IntOGen new release (2023)

intOGen is out.

In this release we have increased the number of cohorts and samples, we have made small updates to the IntOGen pipeline and we have updated key third-party dependencies.

We produced a new list of 618 driver genes as a result of the new analysis. Almost 5000 new samples are included, totalling 33019 tumors analyzed by intOGen. Among the tumor types that have the major increase are Pleural Mesothelioma and Burkitt Lymphoma. It’s worth highlighting the increase in Lung Adenocarcinoma, with 459 new samples.

We have updated several databases used by intOGen pipeline (e.g. Ensembl, Oncotree, CGC, etc.), and we have developed and included a data parser, OpenVariant

We want to thank the many contributions to intOGen from those who generate and share data, those who develop databases and methods and make them available, and of course patients who shared their sample and data for research.

More information at Intogen Release Notes