VIZBI 2014: Visualizing Biological Data

Two years ago I attended the VIZBI 2012 to present our latest work on and with Gitools, a tool we use to explore interactive heatmaps of genomics data. The days spent in Heidelberg were fruitful and refreshing and after all also were an inspiration to write the review about Visualizing multidimensional cancer genomics data.

Therefore it is a pleasure to announce that this year we have the opportunity to lead a tutorial session about Gitools and Nuria Lopez-Bigas will have a talk about the topic Biomedical Genomics Data on 4th and 5th of March 2014 in Heidelberg.


The tutorial will cover basic first steps with Gitools to visualize genomics data, as well as doing some simple analyses and reading data for publication. Take a look at the prepared Gitools Datasets in order to get an idea how the cancer genomics data can be visualized and explored in Gitools. The session will take place on Tuesday 4th of March during the afternoon session from 14:00 to 17:00. No programming skills are needed as we are planning to teach the following points to our participants:

  1. How to load data into Gitools
  2. How to obtain the visualization that fits your needs.
  3. How to interact with the heat-map (sort, filter, move, cluster, search)
  4. How to integrate different data dimensions.
  5. How to visualize column and row annotations.
  6. How to perform analyses over the heat-map (e.g. sample level enrichment analysis, group comparison, correlations and others).
  7. How to load predefined interactive heat-maps of interest for cancer research, including multidimensional data from The Cancer Genome Atlas, Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia and IntOGen.
  8. How to export heat-maps into a publication-ready figure.
  9. How to share your data in the form of interactive heat-maps.


Important Links:

Screenshot of Gitools 2.0 showing the TCGA pancancer12 drivers dataset