Our lab receives funding from La Marató de TV3

We are very honored to announce that we have received funds for a 3-year project from the money raised in the last telethon broadcast La Marató de TV3.



This is an annual television program broadcasted in Catalonia since 1996 which is devoted to diseases that are currently incurable. La Marató has a big repercussion in our country, not only for its ability to raise funds but also because it fulfills the task of informing the public about these diseases, the state of the art of the treatment and the importance of the research to advance in their prevention and cure.

Last year’s emission was dedicated to cancer, and it collected a record figure of more than 12M euros, which is an amazing amount of money taking into account the population size and the context of economical crisis that we are all suffering.


Yesterday, our group leader, Núria Lopez-Bigas, received the grant in an official ceremony held at the PRBB. The aim of our project is to create a platform of personalized cancer medicine, in summary a framework that will analyze all the flood of omics data provided by large-scale tumor studies to extract useful knowledge and identify actionable items that will guide clinical decision-making in each novel individual patient.


All submitted projects were evaluated by the Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality, which sent each proposal for an international peer-review process. Payments are bound to the monitoring tasks performed by the foundation, and the results of research are publicly available and communicated on a yearly basis. Our group is highly involved in this project. We are all aware of the importance of research and we are sensitive to the task of carefully communicating our work. Through this post we want to thank the generosity of those who -in some manner- contributed to this cause and to express our commitment and enthusiasm to succeed in this project.