The Biology of Genomes meeting at CSHL: my poster about IntOGen

This is a very short post to share the poster that I am presenting this week at the Biology of Genomes meeting in CSHL.



The poster describes IntOGen project, focusing on the analysis of Somatic Mutations detected by tumour genome re-sequencing projects. IntOGen aims to integrate data across projects and cancer sites to identify genes and pathways involved in cancer, in a systematic way. We have developed methods able to perform the analyses in a effective and scalable way (namely, OncodriveFMOncodriveCLUST and transFIC), we have analysed more than 4500 tumors from 13 different cancer sites and we have identified many known and novel cancer driver genes across cancer types. The results are presented in the IntOGen web discovery tool (currently at

The complete pipeline we use for the analysis of somatic mutations in IntOGen is available for other researchers to process their own data here, which allows to compare the results of user’s data with the accumulated knownledge about cancer mutations and cancer driver genes in IntOGen.

For those interested in knowing more about it, I post here the slides about this project that I prepared recently for a talk at the Oncogenomics Workshop in Hinxton.


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