Alba is a PhD!


Last Monday, April 29th, Alba defended her PhD thesis at the PRBB. It was the highest point of a story that started some five years ago, when she joined our group to do her Master’s thesis. From there, she moved on to do her PhD, tackling a very ambitious project trying to unravel the possible roles of the Polycomb complex in tumorigenesis. The title of her thesis, “Integrative study of the regulatory and epigenomic programs involved in cancer development”  is only the tip of the iceberg of what her PhD project has covered. Moving on from her Biology degree, she has taken up all the bioinformatics and computational skills required for the endeavor. Although she always worked intensively, the last six months, after she returned from a four-mont stay in Chicago, at Elizaveta Benevolentskaya‘s group, were particularly intense. During this time she finished writing one paper that she’d been working on in Chicago, and wrote three others, one of which has been already submitted for publication.


For Alba, it’s been four years of struggle and learning, but for the group it’s been four very enriching years. Not only has she been an accomplished PhD student (and now graduate), but also an amazing colleague and friend to all of us. A new stage of her professional life starts now, and we wish her the best in this new journey.


Congratulations, Alba!