Modifications in condel server

Several weeks ago we realized we were having problems retrieving the functional impact scores from the MutationAssessor webservice into our condel web server. We immediately corrected the problem by setting up a proxy in our server; nevertheless, we don’t have a clear idea of how long this problem may have been going on. A little later, we discovered that apparently condel scores computed through our web server may have been malformed due to a mismanagement of the response the server obtained from the MutationAssessor webserver. (Note that this problem only affects condel scores computed through the web server, not via the PERL standalone script.)


Anyway, we have now corrected this error, and because the MutationAssessor team has just released version 2 of their webserver, with all scores for the human proteome precomputed the retrieval of MutationAssessor scores will improve. We took advantage of the opportunity to update the complementary cumulative distributions of MutationAssessor functional impact scores for the SNVs in the HumVar dataset, thus adjusting the condel scores to the version 2 MutationAssessor scores. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all condel scores calculated in the past few months be recomputed.


We plan to make further improvements to the web server in the future, with the aim of improving its reliability and performance.