Awards from UPF to members of our lab

Members of our lab received yesterday two awards from the Social Council of the University Pompeu Fabra.

Khademul Islam

Khademul Islam obtained the award recognizing the high potential of knowledge transfer of a PhD project. The title of Khademul’s Thesis is “Delineating epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of cell proliferation and differentiation” and it was directed by Elizaveta Benevolenskaya from the University of Illinois at Chicago and myself (see abstract).

Various members of the lab obtained an award for a research project with an important component of knowledge transfer. In particular the award was granted for the project titled “Computer system for handling, managing and exploiting genomics data for personalized medicine”, which was funded by Innocash program during 2010 and 2011 (see more information).

Christian Perez-Llamas received the award in the name of all the lab members that participated in the project, namely:

Christian Perez LlamasNuria Lopez-BigasAbel Gonzalez-PerezDavid TamboreroJordi Deu-PonsArmand GutierrezXavier Rafael-PalouSophia Derdak and Janet Piñero

Xavier, David, Jordi, Nuria and Christian after receiving the award


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