Sample Level Enrichment Analysis (SLEA) Tutorial and Gitools 1.6.2

As you may have read in the last post, Günes and Nuria presented the Sample Level Enrichment Analysis (SLEA) as a methodology to analyse the transcription level of each sample for groups of genes (like for example pathways, gene signatures, etc.)

An example represantation of the SLEA methodology

A gene-sample matrix is being converted to a gene-module matrix where module can be sets of genes like f.ex. pathways. The transcription level status can be used for stratifying and/or relating with clinical annotation

It is an easy way to stratify the samples into subgroups and/or relate the transcription level status of modules to clinical data. So this last week we have prepared a further video tutorial to show you how to perform SLEA easily with Gitools and gain more insight into your data.

Watch the video below or read the instructions in the fourth step of the Case Study: “Study multi-dimensional cancer data with Gitools”.

With this video tutorial we also release a new version of Gitools, version 1.6.2 so it is possible to have multi-value data matrices as input data for the enrichment analysis. Also we got rid of some bugs.

Download the latest version at