A video animation explains IntOGen in 60 seconds

//A video animation explains IntOGen in 60 seconds

A video animation explains IntOGen in 60 seconds

I am pleased to share with you a 60” video animation explaining our IntOGen project using easy to understand terms:



The video was produced as part of InformAnimation project, a Summer School organized within the Erasmus Intensive Programme, by the Alghero School of Architecture of the University of Sassari in collaboration with a consortium of European academic partners. The goal of InformAnimation is to explore and teach the use of animation to communicate complex information.

I was offered to propose a brief on one of our projects as a challenge for the students to create an animation out of it. So we quickly decided that it would be nice to have a video explaining IntOGen project. I prepared a series of materials and information for the students and I had a couple of skype conversations with them. They quickly grasped the idea and came up with this nice video.

I want to thank and congratulate the organizers and the students of InformAnimation for this nice work.

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