Young Research Talent Award for Núria López-Bigas

Good news everyone!

Last friday night – just returning from our retreat – we all received an email from Núria announcing the great news that she is going to be awarded with the Catalan National Award for Young Research Talent (Premi Nacional de Recerca al Talent Jove).

The award acknowledges a young researcher which has shown excellency and quality in his/her professional work and brings a donation of 10.000€. This is very encouraging for the whole group to continue our work as we are doing it and keep contributing good work to the research community.

Recent important efforts include IntOGen, Gitools and Condel. For those interested in more details, they can take a look at Núria’s Curriculum Vitae and Google Scholar Profile.

Official announcement (in Catalan)

UPF news about the award (in Catalan)

GRIB news about the award (in Catalan)