Our blog turns one!

This week our blog has turned one year old. We started the blog on 10th December 2010 with the idea of having a more flexible way of communicating with the research community, in addition to publications, seminars and conferences. We are happy with the experience and in our last retreat we decided to continue blogging, so more posts from our lab are to come during 2012.

Word cloud of the content in our blog

During this year we have written about newly published papers from the lab (eg. CondelGitoolsSVGmapIntOGen-Biomart), published papers in collaborations with other groups (eg. mir11ZRF1, Coregulation of Histone-modifying Enzymes in Cancer), awards obtained by members of the lab (eg. AbelNuriaGunes), announcement of new releases of IntOGencourses we organize and research news related to our work (eg. ICGC data in IntOGen, Condel web server, Condel in Ensembl), among other things.

It is specially rewarding to see that 9 members of BG lab have participated in writing posts in the blog. Here I leave you with links to the contributions of each of us:

Many thanks to all the followers of our blog.