IntOGen Biomart portal

The DATABASE Oxford Journal has published a new volume in September dedicated to Biomart related databases and tools.

We have had a Biomart portal for IntOGen data since 2010 and we were invited to write a manuscript describing it. We immediately thought it could be a good opportunity to describe in more detail the information included in IntOGen and specially how to query its results using Biomart. So, Gunes and me joined efforts to prepare the manuscript and tune the IntOGen Biomart portal with the new IntOGen release. Now we are happy to announce that the manuscript is published and freely available at:

It has been a good chance to complement the information previously published in the correspondence letter at Nature Methods in 2010. In this manuscript we explain in more detail how data is organized and analysed in IntOGen, which results are obtained and how can be queried and downloaded from the Biomart portal.

We wish you find it interesting ;-)