Abel wins the Poster Prize at EMBO Cancer Genomics meeting

Abel and I have been three days at the EMBO Cancer Genomics meeting that was held in Heidelberg. I have to say that the meeting was very inspiring and had a very good list of speakers.

I gave a talk at the Computational session titled “Large-scale functional analysis and visualization of mutations from cancer genome projects” and Abel presented a poster about “The consensus deleteriousness score of cancer mutations”.

I am very proud to tell you that Abel won one of the three prizes for best posters. The work he presented is unfinished but we hope to share it with you soon through the blog and with a manuscript.

By the way the prize consisted of a bottle of Champaign that unluckily he couldn’t drink or bring home because we were flying a couple of hours later, but it was donated to a friend that I am sure will make a good use of it.