Gitools published in PLoS ONE

About three years ago I started developing Gitools as an internal tool for people in the lab. We needed it to explore the results generated in IntOGen. It kept growing rapidly thanks to the feedback of group members. Then, external collaborators started to use it too, so we thought it would be useful to make it freely available for more people to use it and we created a web site at were researchers could download it and subscribe to the newsletter. We also created a wiki with documentation at

There has already been some publications were Gitools was used for obtaining results and creating figures, so the next logical step was to get our software published.

Now I am pleased to announce that today it has been published:

Perez-Llamas, C. & Lopez-Bigas, N. Gitools: Analysis and Visualisation of Genomic Data Using Interactive Heat-Maps. PLoS ONE 6, e19541 (2011)

But this is not the last step in Gitools evolution, I hope that more people start using it and this fosters its further development by reporting bugs and suggesting new features. We want Gitools to continue growing and being useful for researchers. In fact, I already have some plans for it, such as improvements to the heatmap editor or adding new data mining analysis.

To have a better idea of the things you can do with it you can visit these posts:

Gitools is an open source project and there is a site for people to submit new issues and ask for support at, there you will find a wiki were it is explained how to download the source code and compile it for those interested on it.

I hope you find it useful on your daily work and remember that your feedback is welcome to keep it improving and allow other people to benefit from it.