Welcome to the computational oncogenomics blog

About three weeks ago we spent two days with the whole lab in a rural house near Montblanc in the south-central part of Catalonia. On this retreat we discussed several topics regarding our research, the organization or the group and the dissemination of our work. During the discussion of this last topic we made a big decision and commitment, we decided to initiate a blog of the group as a new experience and a means to communicate with the research community and especially with the users of the tools and resources in our lab (e.g. intogen, gitools). After some discussions on what we should put in the blog, how should this be organized, who should write what… we decided to just start with a couple of posts and see how this goes. So, here we are. This is the first post of our lab blog, we will see what will become of it. I hope you enjoy reading our blog and that you find things of your interest.

BG group members during the retreat

This is a picture of all the members of the BG lab during the retreat. From left to right: Xavi, Gunes, Alba, Sophia, Nuria, Abel, Michi, Khademul, Jordi, Armand and Christian.